Client Pickup Rental Agreement

Upon the expiration date of this Agreement with respect to any or all Equipment, you will return the property to Just Kids Party MD, together with all accessories, free from all damage and in the same condition and appearance as when received by you.   

Valuation of Loss/Our Liability is Limited:

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, you shall be responsible to us for the replacement cost value or repair cost of the Equipment (if the Equipment can be restored, by repair, to its pre-loss condition) whichever is less. If there is a reason to believe a theft has occurred, you shall file a police report. Loss of use shall be determined by the actual loss sustained by us. Accrued rental charges shall not be applied against the purchase price or cost of repair of the lost, stolen or damaged Equipment. In the event of loss for which we are responsible, our liability will be limited to the contract price and WE WILL, IN NO EVENT, BE LIABLE FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL, SPECIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES. 

Condition of Equipment:

You assume all obligation and liability with respect to the possession of Equipment, and for its use, condition and storage during the term of this Agreement except as otherwise set forth herein. You will, at your own expense, maintain the Equipment in good mechanical condition and running order. The rent on any of the Equipment will not be prorated or abated while the Equipment is being serviced or repaired for any reason for which you are liable. We will not be under any liability or obligation in any manner to provide service, maintenance, repairs, or parts for the Equipment, except as otherwise specially agreed or as may be within the course and scope of employment by you. All installations, replacements, and substitutions of parts or accessories with respect to any of the Equipment will become part of the Equipment and will be owned by us. We will have the right to place and hold a fees associated with the cost of damaged Equipment, subject to the discretion of Just Kids Party, MD

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